Announcing the birth of BAIANAT Intellectual Property

BAIANAT Intellectual Property have recently launched as a new sister entity with close affiliations to our SMAS Intellectual Property Group which is one of the largest and leading Intellectual Property Firms in the Middle East and North Africa operating in the IP field for more than 50 years with a solid IP team and solid practice and experience of having managed the Intellectual Property Rights of a huge volume of prominent local and International clients through evaluating, protecting and litigating such rights and with the competent Intellectual Property departments which are one of our firm figures of growth started in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia then expanded through the Middle East and North Africa region (Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Kurdistan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, (West Bank, Gaza Strip), Qatar, Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam), Tunisia, UAE (Dubai, Abu-Dhabi), Yemen, and Turkey); in addition to the increasing network of offices and local representatives worldwide and has a large network of associates and agents in multiple jurisdictions that add to its scope of work to best serve its clients’ interests all around the world.


BAIANAT Intellectual Property will follow the fast path of the e-services in the region.


Today; on behalf of Mr. Nedal Al Kharouf, the CEO of BAIANAT Intellectual Property, who has been the General Manager of SMAS-IP for over 25 years, we are delighted to share such important news regarding the birth of our new entity “BAIANAT Intellectual Property” as of October 2019 and how such news will serve our valued clients better.

Our businesses have undergone a significant transformation and we have been working since then on developing our services and engaging new human and artificial resources.

The decision to open such a new entity is a response to our clients’ and partners’ demands and requirements in the region. While SMAS-IP is taking in charge enforcement and litigation. BAIANAT Intellectual Property will deliver more comprehensive and new IP services.


BAIANAT Intellectual Property provides an extensive range of top-notch services that include, but not limited to; Competition Analysis, IP Auditing, IP Researches, Online Watch for social medias and E-commerce besides the trainings for several Government agencies we have signed MOU with, in addition to the Legal Advice; Registration and Maintenance of IP rights; Brand Watch services; Drafting of Licensing and Franchising agreements; Certified Patent & legal translation services; Market Search; all types of litigation and legal proceedings in respect of trademarks, patents, copyrights, industrial designs and domain names; Raid Action and Seizure Measures; Border Measures; IP Auditing and Counseling; Anti-Counterfeiting Measures; Competition Analysis; Trademark Portfolio Management; Patent Drafting ; Patent Due Diligence & FTO; Customs Recordals; and Patent & Legal Translation.

BAIANAT Intellectual Property is proud to have more experts, qualified staffing, IP experts, patent counsels, and legal assistants or paralegals who are well organized for each assigned tasks according to the complexity of the legal matter in a cost-effective manner in order to develop our services and offer different solutions to our clients with our collective objective to provide superior, cost-effective legal services to our valued clients consistent with the highest standards of integrity and


In BAIANAT Intellectual Property various excellent services in the field of intellectual property, based on the outstanding legal expertise through the in-house legal advisors will be provided before the competitive courts and relevant government authorities.

This challenging move has been adopted to satisfy the existing expectations, whilst moving forward to embrace technology, making, as always, the interest of our clients the cornerstone of our change.

BAIANAT Intellectual Property will offer new methods of work and services to the client to follow the fast path of the e-services in the region exploiting the richness of the data we own and engaging new human and artificial resources to offer innovative solutions to our clients.


In BAIANAT Intellectual Property:

  • Our responsibility is to protect the intangible of Intellectual assets.
  • Our pledge is to uphold the highest standards of the legal profession.
  • Our motto is finding new possibilities of an existing service in order to deliver a better experience.
  • Online or on field, our team will grant the right protection and consultation.


In BAIANAT Intellectual Property the major change is “digitalizing all the process of work”. Innovation and IP Consulting are one of our emerging services and are key to achieving our business goals by focusing on maximizing our clients’ financial results.

Moreover, in BAIANAT Intellectual Property we are focusing on Management & IP Consulting including the combination of:

  • Intelligence Services:

Conducting the appropriate search and analysis, matching the business issues with the direction of the competitive landscape and then the intellectual property strategy to support the business goals.

  • Strategy Services: Assessment of the company vision and mission against the

intelligence obtained suiting the IP tactics in order to develop a data-driven IP strategy. Thereafter the implementation plan of portfolio projects, which may include a balance of IP creation, IP monetization, and intelligence investments.

  • Management Services: Developing methods and capabilities to align thee IP

strategy and business strategy, working with clients to establish IP processes and

management criteria creating new IP and methods for IP monetization.

  • Creation Services: creation of a strategic IP portfolio using best invention

creation processes. Strengthen, invent, and document IP business.

Awad Shadya, January 2020. Announcing the birth of Baianat Intellectual Property – The new sister company of SMAS Intellectual Property. The Life Sciences Lawyer. Issue 1 : 54 – 57. 

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