The Future of Intellectual Property – Data-driven IP

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digitalization and Automation, namely the advanced data-driven digital technology will obviously positively affect the IP practices in the future, and it will be the propellent force of the digital economy.


By adopting the advanced digital technologies including AI, new fruitful services will be developed through the manipulation of data by assessing the value of the intellectual property rights with the aid of algorithms minimizing the costs for IPR owners.

Concurrently, the implementation of AI necessitates the access of greater quantities of data in the presence of many complex policies of making the data available in the digital economy, let alone that the systems will became more complicated and creative in view of placing machine-created inventions in IP.

However, the strong business will support this digital transformation by focusing on cost and innovation. In addition, the quick and proper selection of cloud provider with the adoption of the IT tools to shift data to the cloud, and the early digital transformation management developing new capabilities, all will have the positive effect of AI, Digitalization and Automation.


In conclusion, IP-interested parties must ensure that the people working in the field are able to realize the benefits and improvements of such digitalization and automation under the new working style with the best preparation and implementation in order to face the AI and automation. Now is the time to pause thinking which skills, competencies, capabilities, and tools are needed for the future. Only when reaching the positive disposition and way of thinking among all interested parties involved, a successful new digital way of working can be achieved.


Can machine-created Inventions in IP acquire a property right?


Intellectual Property Protection is critical to aiding the development of innovation and it is essential for economic advancement. Without protection of ideas, businesses and individuals would not reap the full benefits of their inventions and would focus less on research and development, and this may disincentivize people from manufacturing the products and providing the services that the market relies on. Human progress would ultimately suffer.


Intellectual Property rights are valuable assets for your business and IP rights is very important because they can:

  • Keep your business away from competitors
  • Be invested or licensed, providing important revenues
  • Present something new and different; and
  • Constitute an essential part of your marketing or branding


Humans are able to build towering and durable buildings that can withstand stronger weather and meet the high safety standards. Humans possess the excellence for the production of AI systems, then they use machine-algorithms and cloud-computing to sort through many options, yielding solutions that human alone could not have designed.

Humans believe that what intelligent machines are doing is just the execution of a program or algorithm which is produced by a human itself. As such, the Human should be given any intellectual property rights that flow.

AI-based machines will become more human-like – more capable of learning, more complicated and more intelligent in finding complex solutions. Such machines will become better at making decisions that have very important to our business.

Therefore, if we want to protect the value of intelligence, we must recognize AI as being capable of owning intellectual property.


That doesn’t mean that Machine-Created Inventions in IP will render Humans obsolete. On the contrary, when the problems are getting bigger and more difficult, humans have to be increasingly augmented to solve them.

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