Businesses Solidarity during COVID-19

The present-day proliferation of the novel COVID-19 is considered as one of the most substantial threats to the global economic systems. The pandemic has not merely affected economies and lives but also mental health.

The eruption of this virus presented even the world’s leading economies to agonizing choices. In an effort to get a grip on COVID-19, businesses are tiding over employees, and governments are stubbornly obliging their citizens to avoid their social daily habits through caution. The spread of Corona virus has caused financial markets and corporations a crisis in its wake. Some, however, being better equipped than others, have the generosity to serve as rescuers.

Starbucks is a leading example that have been taking numerous initiatives in order to preserve the health, social and psychological well-being of its partners and customers. Shortly after the announce of the COVID-19 outbreak, Starbucks, the American coffeehouse chain that constantly opens a new shop somewhere in the world ; found itself constrained to closing its retail stores. The company was aware that the pandemic might condemn their financial status to grave harm; yet, chose to lead by the company’s mission “inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”

The chain offered full support with comprehensive care to its partners impacted by COVID-19 physically, financially and emotionally. Its commitment was to continue paying its partners during the lockdown and to expand insurance benefits to the employees and their families, along with childcare support and more. As it became known that the economy is taking worse battering than analysts has expected in the beginning of the outbreak, Starbucks continued to encourage its partners to stay positive. Online classes were released for the sake of quarantine staff through Starbucks China University, where they could learn about anything from latte art to personal development. Starbucks also offered the Partner Assistance Program, a free access anonymous counseling program for partners and their families. In other forms of humanity spirit displays during the COVID-19 battle, the Starbucks foundation donated $250,000 to Seattle and $500,000 to two organizations helping support frontline responders.

In an attempt to fighting Corona virus, Apple acquired and donated through its supply chain 10 Million of respirators N95 masks. The latter human action made the American technology corporation one of several California corporation that lend a hand to society as many hospitals announced a scarcity of protective gear.

During the ongoing tough times, Amazon has raised a relief fund of 25 Million dollars in favor of delivery drivers and seasonal employees. The goal is to pitch in employees that are undergoing financial distress, especially in the midst of these drastic conditions. According to Wall Street Journal, Amazon intends to hire an auxiliary 100,000 staff (employees and delivery drivers) in the United States as Americans are reorienting their day-to-day lifestyles and tend to shop online so as to reduce the expansion of the novel COVID-19.

In order to bolster the African supplies during this sanitary crisis, Jack Ma, the founding father of Alibaba, donated 1.1 million testing kits, 6 million masks, and 60,000 protective suits and face shields to Ethiopia. Jack Ma is planning to send donations to many other African countries as well.

The United Kingdom Government instructed Dyson to start manufacturing 10,000 life-saving ventilators in order to strengthen the National Health Services efforts in fighting COVID-19. As a response to this governmental instruction, James Dyson stated that his company has fabricated and designated an absolutely new ventilator, named “CoVent“. This revolutionary machine can be assembled promptly, effectively and in large quantities.

As the whole world is grappling with the pandemic outbreak, fashion houses started pledging their solidarity and support in order to fight Corona virus. Chanel, the Parisian Maison de couture, and many fashion high-end labels turned their workshops to producing face masks once the prototypes were approved by the French authorities. In addition, LVMH, the French luxury group, volunteered and launched hand-sanitizers productions. Indeed, LVMH used its perfumes and cosmetics production lines in order to manufacture substantial amounts of hydroalcoholic gels.

Luckily, societies and businesses are managing to putting a brave face on it, thanks to generous entities who paved the way for a less painful global crisis.

Written by Fatine Cherkaoui

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