SAIP Issues its First Sound Mark Certificate in KSA

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) has issued the first sound mark certificate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the benefit of the Saudi Telecom Company, in accordance with the Trademarks Law and its implementing regulations in force in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Sound marks are one of the most important pillars that companies use to distinguish their goods, services and in addressing their target audience. Such trademarks are considered a pivotal element for companies to market their internal and external identity, to establish a formal and phonetic individuality that preserves their intellectual property rights while creating an impression through originality in the sound identity.

The innovative sound marks are legally protected in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as are the rest of trademarks where each trademark has a distinct form of names, words, signatures, letters, symbols, numbers, addresses, seals, drawings, pictures, inscriptions, packaging, pictorial elements, shapes, color or groups colors, or a combination thereof, or any sign or group of signs. Trademarks are usually used or intended to be used to distinguish the goods or services of any company from the goods or services of other companies.

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property has now opened the door for those who wish to establish and register their innovative sound mark to apply through its official website “SAIP.GOV.SA” under trademark services category, and to complete the required procedures until the certificate is issued electronically.

It is worth mentioning that 83 years ago and since the issuance of the first system for trademarks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1939, “trademarks” were and still are of great importance to the ecosystem, as they are one of the most important factors affecting the market activity by stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship. The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property always pursue their goal of creating a better business environment by continuously developing and improving the related regulations.

Requirements for the Registration of a Sound Mark:

  1. The graphic representation of the sound mark via musical notes(melody).
  2. A sample of the sound mark to be submitted in MP3 form.

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