Halfway Through to Full Implementation of Data Protection Law No. 151 for 2020 in Egypt

The Data Protection Law in Egypt has been approved and published in the official gazette on the 15th of July under Resolution No. 151 for the year 2020 to be implemented within three (3) months from the aforementioned date, which leaves us now halfway through to full implementation.

This law is complementary to the Egyptian government’s efforts to transform and preserve the way digital interactions take place on daily basis. In addition, it aims to protect the privacy and integrity of personal data held on individuals by various businesses and organizations.

Furthermore, under this law, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology will issue the Data Protection Law’s Executive regulations within six months from the date of active implementation of the Data Protection Law itself.

In accordance with the law, A Data Protection Center has been established to be the regulatory body targeting to maintain compliance with the said law. The Egyptian Prime Minister has also approved the hiring of a chief executive officer to be responsible for setting the needed data protection policies, strategies and procedures.

In a nutshell, the newly issued Data Protection Law primarily addresses the rights for use of sensitive personal data, cross-border electronic transfers, monetary penalties and criminal sanctions for violations of the Data Protection Law taking into consideration compliance with the international General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The companies’ obligations sat under the law requires companies to implement them within three (3) months from the law’s date of publication, or companies might risk a fine no less than one hundred thousand Egyptian Pound (100,000 EGP) and/or imprisonment for a minimum of six (6) months.

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