Issuing the First Electronic Official Gazette in Libya

The Libyan Trademark Office has issued the first electronic Official Gazette for trademarks on 23rd September 2020, noting that the last issued gazette was on 4th June 2015. The Gazette covered the trademarks with filing number from 20466 to 20698 and which were filed between the period of 26 May 2010 to 14 July 2010.

It is noted that the opposition period will begin from the publication date for 90 days. Therefore, the deadline to oppose any of the published applications will end on 21nd December 2020. The Libyan Trademarks Office is expected to issue more gazettes during 2020, and the total number of published applications is 224.

For any further information or copy of the official gazette please contact us at regionaloffice@baianat-ip.com

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