Intellectual Property launches a Service for Registering Collective Marks that Includes Geographical Indicators

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property announced the launch of a service for registering collective marks that includes geographical indicators. In light of its endeavor to regulate intellectual property fields in line with the international best practices, and to contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of the local economy, preserving the community culture and the traditional knowledge provided by the community of a particular region and promoting its products. The authority clarified that the collective marks that includes geographical indicators are placed on products that have a specific geographical origin, and characteristics or a reputation attributed to that origin, expressing that their registration as collective marks contributes to distinguish the geographical origin, materials or method of manufacture, and other common characteristics of the goods or services provided by the authorities. The geographical indicators differ in their types between agricultural, food, industrial and handicraft products.

The authority has set the conditions of registration, which are representing an attachment of a copy of the trademark that will be registered, name, address and nationality of the applicant. In addition to the importance of the accurate description of the trademark, the products or services and its category, and a replica of the union system, organization, or public institution requesting registration, with the amendments that may have been entered to it, including a statement of the category of people entitled to use the mark and their relationship with its applicant, and an acknowledgment that the applicant will closely monitor the use of the collective mark by his affiliate members and how to qualify Members for membership in that body, knowing that these conditions are concluded with the signature of the applicant or his representative, as stipulated in the statutory texts specified by the authority.

For further information in respect of the above, please contact Baianat-IP Saudi Office at Saudi@baianat-ip.com

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