SAIP Launches the Service of Issuing Licenses to Practice Intellectual Property Activities

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property announces the start of issuing business licenses and providing intellectual property services on the behalf of others before SAIP in all areas of intellectual property, as this service aims to enable the activity of providing intellectual property services to the interested persons and specialists.

This strategic initiative aims to regulate and follow up licenses for intellectual property agents, in addition to developing existing cadres and providing new cadres qualified to practice intellectual property activities and services. The initiative contributes to enhancing investment opportunities in this activity and following up the activities and services provided by agents and law firms to the beneficiaries for the purpose of submitting protection requests to the SAIP in order to raise the quality of those requests and help companies and law firms to provide quality services in accordance with market requirements and parallel to global practices in this field.

In this regard, SAIP has issued rules for licensing intellectual property service providers, which include 25 articles to regulate the actions of agents mentioned in the intellectual property laws in the Kingdom, and to set the necessary controls and requirements for that and outside the kingdom.

Intellectual property invites those interested and wishing to know the conditions necessary to obtain a license visit its website SAIP.GOV.SA or by contacting the authority’s official channels via e-mail Saip@Saip.gov.sa and the direct customer service number 920021421.

For any further assistance and/or information in respect of the above, please contact Baianat-IP Saudi Arabia office at Saudi@baianat-ip.com

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