SAIP Launches the Service of Registering Architectural Works to Protect the Rights of Creators

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property announced the registration of architectural work in the optional registration service for the copyrights to include the optional registration service (computer software, applications and architectural designs).

SAIP explained that adding architectural works aimed for a creative purpose to create a safe environment that encourages creators to work in all fields in which SAIP is concerned with protecting rights.

The Saudi Authority also clarified the conditions for the registration which is the work or its contents that do not violate the provisions of Islamic law, the Kingdom’s regulations, or public morals that the required data and attachments be completed, and that it is not among the works excluded from the protection stipulated in the provisions of the fourth article of the Rights Protection Law The author, and the work must be in its final form and not a draft or preparatory work for its preparation, in addition to the payment of the fee or its contents do not violate.

The Authority announces to those wishing to submit registration requests to enter the service required data, platform through unified access, choose a classified registration service, fill in the  and attach the work that conforms to the conditions specified in the regulations, to complete the registration and examination procedures.

SAIP invited the public, in case they have any inquiries about the fields of intellectual property, to communicate through its official channels, direct number (920021421), or via the agency’s e-mail Saip@Saip.gov.sa, or through social media @SAIPKSA.

For any further assistance and/or information in respect of the above, please contact Baianat-IP Saudi Arabia office at Saudi@baianat-ip.com

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