GCC Patent Package 2021

We continue to work with our partners through the most complex environment in the history of all companies, as the world is still tackling a global pandemic that has sparked a historical economic crisis which had a trickle down effect on all companies worldwide.

This has been accompanied with the new GCC amended patent law by which, it has ceased filings through GCC that has forced us to adapt to new reality with our clients and partners. How we all navigate the current economic landscape is the top priority for all businesses, as we work towards business continuity while taking the cost sensitivity into consideration.

Out of our role as your partner in the value creation through your IP assets; we are help you manage your budgets with low margins of difference with regards to patent applications in the GCC countries. Accordingly,

Baianat-IP is introducing a bundle offer for the year 2021 for its clients to extend their patents protection to the GCC countries as the following:

  • Only 300 $ professional filing fees for a new patent application per country including any due annuity fees at the time of filing.

In addition, if translation is needed:

  • 15 $/ 100 words One-Time Translation Fee for All Countries.

*Excluding Official fees and VAT% .

*Valid until 2021.

*For any inquiries please contact us at : patent-dep@baianat-ip.com

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