Taking Your Ideas to the Market “The slogan for World Intellectual Property Day

All countries around the world participate in the celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day, which occur every year on April 26, with the aim of spreading the awareness among society about intellectual property, and learning about the role that intellectual property rights play in encouraging creativity and promoting innovation that depends on it to become a means to confront common global challenges.

This year’s slogan entitled as (Taking Your Ideas to the Market), stresses the need to strive towards economic revival and stimulate creators in various fields of intellectual property to transfer their ideas into tangible products with an economic impact. The World Intellectual Property Organization and its members celebrate the inspiring pioneers, entrepreneurs and innovators of both genders, all over the world, who are betting on their ideas and working to find different ways to encourage them.

The CEO of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Muhammad Al-Swailem, said that SAIP will contribute this year to spread awareness among members of society and establishments in the Kingdom under the slogan  ‘Taking Your idea to the market’ through a live broadcast of its activities through all its platforms in cooperation with the government and private sector. Also, SAIP is providing programs with the aim of educating small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs of the intangible values ​​of companies and institutions, which represent more than 84% of the value of the enterprise.

Al-Suwailem also confirmed that the IP clinic is one of the services provided by SAIP to establish a continuous communication channel with inventors and owners of small and medium enterprises, from which more than 500 beneficiaries have benefited from the service so far through consultations provided electronically during the year in addition to the programs provided by the Intellectual property Academy, as the number of trainees reached more than 3,710 in 2020, with an increase of more than 541% in the year 2019.

It is worth mentioning that Saudi Arabia has joined as a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization in 1402 AH (1982). The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property also shares its membership to keep up with the developments for various fields of intellectual property, which will have a positive impact on intellectual property activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For further information in respect of the above, please contact Baianat-IP Saudi office at Saudi@baianat-ip.com 

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