Palestine-The Ministry of National Economy launches the Register of Intellectual Property Rights Registration Agents

On 09 June 2021, the Ministry of National Economy launches a register of intellectual property rights registration agents, and 12 electronic services in the fields of intellectual property rights registration. E-services contribute to facilitating procedures, speeding up the implementation of the transaction and facilitating communication with the owners of foreign trademarks. The registry of patent and industrial design agents ensures that inventors and manufacturers will have access to the certified and recognized authorities that can assist them in all procedures related to the intellectual property rights.

The intellectual property rights registration agents, universities and other service recipients will benefit from such services, and a register of agents has been established within the ministry and and such agents are approved  to register the intellectual property rights and they will be the legal mediator between the ministry and rights holders, especially foreigners, wherein the number of the registered agents in the ministry reaches (12) officially certifed agent.

The launch ceremony took place at the Ministry’s headquarters with the participation of Minister of National Economy Khaled Al-Osaili, and via video conference, and the Ambassador to the Permanent Mission of the State of Palestine in the United Nations Ibrahim Khreisha, and the Head of the Arab Office at the World Intellectual Property Organization Walid Abdel Nasser, and Director General of the General Administration of Intellectual Property Rajaa Khuwaylid, and in the presence of representatives of the public and private sectors at the Ministry’s headquarters.

Accordingly, it has become possible to file applications for trademarks only with all the related procedures through the Ministry’s website, thereby facilitating the speed of completion and accuracy.

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