Lebanon-Suspension of Legal, Judicial and Contractual Deadlines and Suspension of Instalment Payments

First article:

The effective date of provisions stipulated in law No. 199 on 29/12/2020 was extended (the extension of some deadlines and granting some tax and fee exemptions), as of 1/7/2021 till 31/12/2021.

Second article:

Except the provided otherwise, all Legal, Judicial and Contractual Deadlines shall be suspended by resolution including tax Deadlines granted for  public and private right holders for purposes of practicing rights of any kind, whether those deadlines were formal or procedural or its effective date was extended to the ground of right through the complete shutdown and the gradual reduction to the restrictions of the specified shutdown or has been specified according to a general mobilization declaration resolution taken under decree no. 7315 on 31/12/2020, till 22/3/2021 inclusively.

Third article:

Except the provided otherwise, the winners of the competition held according to a decision issued by the council of ministers to choose legitimate judges in the  Ja’fari legitimate courts, reserve the right to be appointed in the positions which the competition was held for, provided that this appointment shall be effective as of the date of announcing the competition results and that the extended period between the date of announcing the competition and the start of work at the positions shall be deemed an actual service and is included to the subsequent services to this appointment.

Fourth article:

This law is effective as of the publication date in the gazette.

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