KSA-Accreditation of 76 IP Respect Officer of Government Entities

SAIP announced the completion of the initiative of the Intellectual Property Respect Officer for Government Entities in its first batch, where 76 officials were accredited as IP Respect Officers after passing the qualification program, which included a number of workshops and training courses in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

This initiative aims to enhance respect for intellectual property in all government entities, by empowering, training and qualifying an officer from each entity, in addition to activating a continuous partnership between SAIP and the public sector. Through this initiative, compliance with regulations and laws is raised, and intellectual property policies are prepared. In addition to raising awareness and managing and protecting the interests of government entities related to intellectual property assets.

The CEO of SAIP, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al-Suwailem, confirmed that we seek through this initiative to enhance respect for intellectual property rights by activating the self-inspection of government entities by the IP Respect Officer representing the entity. We are also working to develop partnerships between SAIP and government sectors and raise commitment to intellectual property rights at the level of government entities and the private sector.

Al-Suwailem stressed on the importance of managing intellectual property assets for government entities in general and in particular the scientific and research entities and those targeted for privatization, and concluded his word by thanking all the entities that interacted with this national initiative. It is worth noting that the initiative of the Intellectual Property Respect Officer is a qualitative model that is unique to the Kingdom in the field of intellectual property and its protection.

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