Egypt – New Customs Procedures (ACI)

A new electronic system for the pre-registration of all shipment information has launched by the Egyptian Customs , its named as Advanced Cargo Information (ACI) . The registration on the ACI system is mandatory for all shipments that will be arrived at Egyptian seaports from July 1, 2021.

Advance Cargo Information registration system procedures ( ACI):

  1. Uploading the fundamental information of importer on the Nafeza website with the shipment code
  2. Information is examined whether it is illegal
  3. Shipment documents are sent by the exporter
  4. The importer reviews the shipment and its documents
  5. Prior customs clearance which occurs before the arrival of shipment
  6. It is allowed to pay the customs fees before the arrival of the shipment
  7. Conducting inspection and perusal procedures by the customs authority
  8. The shipment is delivered to the owner after the satisfaction of all the above.

For further information in respect on the above , please contact Baianat-IP Egypt Office at Egypt@baianat-ip.com 



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