KSA-“Intellectual Property” launches the guiding guide for intellectual property policies for universities and research centers

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property launched the guiding guide for the policies of managing, protecting and exploiting intellectual property for the benefit of universities and national research centers to be adopted in developing their relevant internal policies in line with their strategies and interests. This guide provides the basic elements that can be worked on to enhance the knowledge and economic value resulting from its research projects .

This guide comes as part of the authority’s efforts to enable and facilitate the management of intellectual property assets for national authorities, provide templates, tools and forms that activate these policies, and develop effective procedures for their operation.

Intellectual property emphasizes that the clarity of academic and research institutions’ policies towards intellectual property rights is an important matter for their affiliates and partners, as well as for those who wish to cooperate with them, in order to know their rights, obligations and duties towards research outputs related to intellectual property.

It is worth noting that this guide comes in accordance with well-known practices in a way that maximizes and enhances the value of intellectual property assets to the beneficiaries, and the authority invites everyone who wishes to view the indicative guide to intellectual property policies for universities and research centers to visit the publications page on the website of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (saip.gov .sa).

The authority invites anyone who wishes to benefit from services related to the enforcement of trademarks to communicate through the authority’s portal www.saip.gov.sa

Should you have any queries in relation to this matter , please do not hesitate to contact us at : info@baianat-ip.com 

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