KSA-SAIP Seizes Electronic Devices and Recordings Stores in its Field Inspection Campaigns

As part of its efforts to protect intellectual property rights, the inspection teams of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property, in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce, the General Authority for Audio-Visual Media and Public Security, conducted field tours targeting shops that violate intellectual property rights regulations in various regions of the Kingdom.

This comes as an extension of the usual field tours carried out by the inspection teams on public facilities and shops. During its first phase, the campaign focused on electronics facilities (outlets for the sale and maintenance of computers and satellite broadcasting devices), recordings, copying and photocopying centers to monitor violations of intellectual property rights that take place in the course of their activities.

SAIP emphasizes  the importance of respecting intellectual property rights, and that it will not tolerate taking the necessary measures to hold accountable violators of regulations in all areas that the SAIP is concerned with protecting its rights.

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