During 2021 field campaigns, The seizure of 95,000 materials infringing intellectual property rights

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property announced its enforcement report for the year 2021. This comes as a part of its efforts to protect intellectual property rights in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and Public Security and the General Authority for Audio-Visual Media in an integration between the authorities aimed at enhancing respect for intellectual property rights in the Kingdom through field tours sought to uncover facilities that violate regulations and laws in various regions of the Kingdom.

The report indicated that more than 95,000 items were seized during the inspection campaigns, including copied books, satellite broadcasting devices, and computer program storage devices. Electronic inspection and monitoring were also carried out by blocking more than 2,000 websites that violated intellectual property rights.

The works subject to the copyright protection system constituted more than 9,000 works in violation of intellectual property rights, while the counterfeit trademark products constituted more than 85,000 products in violation of the trademark system. The works in violation of the copyright protection system included electronics, recordings, computer software and codes for encrypted broadcast subscriptions, in addition to computers and others, while the products violating the trademark system included electronic device accessories, counterfeit sportswear, trademark accessories, leather and vehicle accessories.

The CEO of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Mohammad Al-Swailem, stressed that SAIP seeks through its continuous inspection campaigns with its partners, to enhance awareness on the importance of respecting intellectual property rights and complying with regulations and laws related to intellectual property, which contributes to supporting innovators and creators in our country and building a conscious society and a future based on Investing by maximizing intangible assets that depend on human creativity.

SAIP stressed that it will take necessary actions and measures to hold accountable violators in all IP areas SAIP competent with, and will take care of their rights, and called on citizens and residents to support the efforts to respect intellectual property rights by communicating with the SAIP’s official channels through social media @saipksa and e-mail Saip@Saip.gov.sa and the direct number for customer service 920021421, and report anyone who commits an act that violates the intellectual property rights protection regulations in the Kingdom.

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