SAIP is Launching an Optional Registration for the Copyright

In an effort to establish a safe atmosphere and an environment that encourages innovators to work in all areas in which the authority is concerned with protecting rights in it , The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) has announced the launch of the optional registration service for the copyright system to register work and documentation and create an electronic database for them, it is worth mentioning that service currently include computer software and apps, in addition to architectural designs.

The Authority has also clarified the conditions that must be met for registration, the most important of which is that the work or its content does not violate the provisions of the Islamic Sharia law or the Kingdom’s regulations or public morals; that it is not among the works excluded from the protection stipulated in the provisions of Article 4 of the system of copyright protection; finally, the work must be final and not a draft or an outline.

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property has announced that those wishing to submit can register through the Authority’s electronic portal:Saip.gov.sa.

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