Jordan Public Security Directorate Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Baianat Intellectual Property

On 23-2-2022, a meeting was held in the presence of Jordan Public Security the Assistant for Administration and Human Resources, Brigadier General Dr. Moatasem Abu Shatal, and the Managing Director of Baianat Intellectual Property, Mr. Nidal Al-Kharouf, with the aim of signing a memorandum of understanding between Jordan Public Security Directorate and Baianat Intellectual Property Company, where they discussed raising awareness about the rights of Intellectual property and its importance in our time, whether in Jordan or around the world. 

The managing director of Baianat Intellectual Property, Mr. Nidal Al-Kharouf has praised and noted the great and supportive role played by Jordan Public Security Directorate represented by the Criminal Investigation Department about the protection of intellectual property rights, explaining that the signing of this memorandum is evidence of the dedication of Jordan Public Security Directorate through cooperation and great support. In this sensitive field, overcoming all difficulties and limiting the infringement of intellectual property rights.

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