Corporate & Commercial Law

Establishing Companies

Establishing companies on solid and professionally legal grounds is the first step to reach stability and uniqueness, therefore, to achieve these goals Baianat IP can assist and advise you regarding all matters related to establishing companies such as understanding the types of companies that might be established, requirements for establishing the same, related procedures and expenses through its professional and experienced legal team who will guide you through the whole process until completing the company establishment.

Merger and Acquisition

It is known that Mergers and Acquisitions of companies is considered as one of the most complicated activities that companies will undertake due to the risks that may result in case of not handling the matter properly. Baianat IP has notable experience in guiding company owners through the process of merging and acquisition according to each company’s requirements and needs while taking into consideration the market needs and the economic situation through its skilled and professional team which studies the project in all respects before proceeding with the same while coming up with creative and useful solutions and ideas to save money and time.

Contracts and Agreements Drafting and Reviewing

The key to success in your business and to avoid issues or disputes while conducting your business is by having the right contract/agreement in hand regardless the kind of the matter, hence, our well experienced and multilingual legal team can assist you in drafting and reviewing all types of agreements/contracts that are related to your business line whether you provide financial services, commercial services, Intellectual Property services or any other kind of services.