IP Related Services

IP Portfolio Management

As an IP firm, we understand that in today’s expanding global economy,
companies cannot afford to take a passive approach to managing their
intellectual property. As a result, sound IP practices have become critical for
any growing organization to best defend and monetize its core products,
services, brands and technologies. Protecting your core products, services,
brands and technologies through well-defined IP practices is simply too
important to ignore.
It is a complex process that should be managed by a team of experts who
possess the required know-how and skill thereby allowing you to focus on the
most important part of your business – delivering value to your customers as
Baianat-IP does the same for your business.

IP Auditing and Counseling

Some of our clients and most companies face various difficulties in managing
their own Intellectual Property, apart from the lack of knowledge on the
existence of the intellectual property. IP is a valued strategic and financial asset
for every organization. As with other resources, IP should be prudently
managed and the value be known. With inappropriate management,
organizations may be unaware of their IP assets, the value or benefits, or may
find themselves in unnecessary risks especially with IP owned by third parties.
Baianat-IP offers IP Auditing as an on-going undertaking which creates a
comprehensive register of client’s IP assets and establishes methods of
management. Usually, this process also demands the identification of
underutilized or unused intellectual property assets, whether owned by client
or owned by third parties.

IP Training

Baianat-IP is offers Intellectual Property training, a long-term investment, but a
cost-effective one, leading to better utilization of intellectual capital, more
effective internal IP management policies and practices.
Baianat-IP utilizes a highly interactive and participatory approach which provides
needs-specific Intellectual Property training that is tailored to meet individual
company goals and engage staff members of our clients.

IP Licensing & franchising-trademarks

Baianat IP is obliged to take good care of its clients and guide them appropriately in all fields including Intellectual Property filed, and since licensing and franchising are among the matters related to IPRs and play an important role in this field, we seek to provide our clients with the best services and advices in this regard such as drafting and reviewing franchise and licensing agreements, in addition to advising on regulations and disputes related to the same around the world.