IP Rights Registration & Maintenance


  • Registration services.
  • Renewal/maintenance services.
  • Responding to office actions.
  • Filing and responding to Oppositions .
  • Recordals services : assignments, change of name/address, mortgage.
  • Cancelation actions.
  • Litigation and enforcement.
  • Licensing and franchising.
  • Trademark monitoring.
  • Online and Market investigations.
  • Customs recordals.
  • Counseling services.
  • Portfolio consolidation and management.
  • Legal Translation.


• Prior art search
• Patent/design searches.
• Filing and prosecution services.
• Translation of patent specifications and particulars.
• Assignments and Licensing.
• Annuity payments
• Office actions and oppositions.
• Patent drafting
• Patent portfolio management.

Industrial Designs

• Prior art search
• Design searches.
• Filing and prosecution services.
• Translation services.
• Assignments and Licensing.
• Maintenance services
• Office actions.


• Registration &Prosecution .
• Litigation & enforcement.
• Acquisition and assignment.
• Licensing.

Domain Names

• Administrative management.
• Monitoring.
• Renewal.
• Acquisition.
• Dispute Resolution.
• Transfer Services.

Utility Models

  • Utility Model is on of the IP Rights, defined as a patent-like IP Right to protect some kind of inventions for 15 years.
  • In other words the protection period of time of a Utility Model is less the protection period of a ‘Patent of Invention” which is normally 20 years; and more than the protection period for a “Design ” which is normally 10 years.

Integrated Circuits

Integrated circuits are miniature electric circuits embedded in several electrical products. Known also as “Microchips”, “Chips”, they are included in our daily life items such radios, cars, and phones. Layout designs of an integrated circuit is the 3-dimensional disposition of the elements and interconnections making up an integrated circuit.

Geographical Indications

The products that have a specific geographical origin, and characteristics or a reputation attributed to that origin, expressing that their registration as collective marks contribute to distinguish the geographical origin, materials or method of manufacture, and other common characteristics of the goods or services provided by the authorities. The geographical indicators differ in their types between agricultural, food, industrial and handicraft products.