Counterfeiting and Gray Market

Baianat Intellectual Property has a global approach for tackling counterfeit from the early detection in the market and online, sketching border measures in the MENA region, organizing raids, to reporting and analyzing results. We combine our legal expertise in the region with the latest technologies to protect you, removing, online or at marketplaces, any infringing transaction that might threaten the prosperity of your brands.  We go after scammers that abuse your brands on social media, and monitor for you, on a daily basis, the mentions, the posts and the dealings of your brands on different social media platforms.

Litigation and Dispute Resolutions

Baianat Intellectual Property throughout the Middle East and North Africa has a team of accomplished litigators who can represent you in different jurisdictions and appear on behalf of you in courts at both the trial and appellate level. Our legal team ensures judicial and extrajudicial enforcement of your Intellectual Property rights, including negotiations, arbitration and mediation procedures, advising you on the best approach to address litigation by understanding your business and legal needs.  We also routinely handle all matters at the local trademark offices and any appeal board.

IP Auditing and counseling

Baianat Intellectual Property values your business and your intangible assets.  Through a deep understanding of our client business and goals, we draw the best strategic and tactical advice.  We study your global presence and analyze your international portfolios, providing you with an assessment of the key markets and local competition, and defining the weak points, in order to maximize protection so that the best IP decisions can be made for your interest. IP audit affirms the value of a client’s assets and helps business owners knowledgeably examine every transaction and most importantly ensure that they have the right protection.

IP LICENSING, Transactions and Agreements

We consider an agreement as the most critical document our clients can sign on behalf of their businesses, as it can, if not thoroughly studied, put down their most valuable IP assets and make their loss huge. Therefore, our team will assist in your early negotiations and with the drafting of the agreements to be in conformity with the local law. From the simple licensing of trademarks, designs, patents, software, nondisclosure agreement, ecommerce contracting, technology transfer, to data management, our legal experts will tailor your agreement for the purpose of maximizing your profit.


You have secured a registration, but this is only the beginning of protection, we are here to guide you throughout the ultimate protection.  Our teams will perform for you a constant online watch. All the digital spheres will be monitored for you, including social media, e-commerce platforms, websites, etc. We are present, we are watching closely, and we will block any infringement, counterfeit, cybercrime, traffic diversion, or any harmful activity to your creations that can expose your interests to a risk.  The online watch is performed in different languages, mainly Arabic, French, and English, in order to accommodate our clients and combine the most performant technologies for them.

Competition Analysis

Reaching your business goals, licensing your IP rights, finalizing a franchise agreement, consolidating your market share, but before we suggest you a tailor-made technical, legal, and economic consultation for the competitors in your business field. This will give you a broader scope of the situation in the region. Our motto is assessing the intellectual assets to reach the best future strategies.

Trademark Portfolio Management

Owning several marks, rebranding, renewing or not, abandoning the rights, avoiding marks to be vulnerable, negotiating a merger, a franchise or transfer of rights, we advise you before to have an assessment to your portfolio.  Our team offers you the possibility to have a fresh overlook of your portfolio over all the Middle East & North Africa region, guiding you through the possible opportunities and risks, and cutting the expenses for unnecessary renewals or other IP operations.  A complete audit of your portfolio to maximize the value of your businesses.

Patent Drafting

Our team has successfully assisted individual inventors and companies with patent drafting and prosecution to meet the local requirements of the respective Patent Offices. Besides, our team can assist in drafting your responses to the respective Patent Offices and overcome local objections. Our team drafts in English, Arabic, and French.

Patent due diligence and Freedom to Operate

In a world where inventions and technologies are the core of businesses, the need to assess the validity of your inventions and identify any barriers to commercialize it is very crucial. Our Patent team will perform patent searches throughout the region and Freedom To Operate (FTO) to identify any patent, published or in effect, that covers your technology or an aspect of it, in order to avoid any patent-infringement liability that can harm your company.

Customs Recordal

Our legal team will guide you throughout the vast region of the Middle-East and North Africa with all the protection needed at the borders whether maritime, land borders or even airports. We assist you in blocking counterfeit and obtaining the recordals of your Intellectual Property.

Legal translation

We value the work of our clients and value the confidentiality of our clients’ documents or evidence. Therefore, legal translation work is done internally. Our inhouse translators deliver certified translations in English, French, and Arabic around the clock.


Raising IP awareness has always been our commitment to our societies and people. BAIANAT Intellectual Property conducts training for companies, academic institutions, government entities, NGOs, and Startups through webinars, conference calls, and free consultations.