May 2022
22nd May 2022

Lebanon-Sworn Translation

According to the Memo No. 6/1/A.T issued by the Ministry of Economy & Trade in Lebanon, any application for the registration of a trademark written in any language ot...
Apr 2022
26th Apr 2022

“Your Ideas, Our Future” A Slogan for IP World Day

World countries are participating in the celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day, which occurs every year on April 26, which aims for spreading the awareness a...
12th Apr 2022

Jordan-Baianat IP had a Meeting with Jordan Enterprise Development Cooperation “JEDCO”

It was a pleasure to have a meeting with Jordan Enterprise Development Cooperation “JEDCO” to review the polices of intellectual property in Jordan....
Mar 2022
31st Mar 2022

KSA-Intellectual Property Respect Council holds its sixth meeting with the software and information technology sector

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property, in cooperation with its partners in the Digital Government Authority and Expenditure and Projects Efficiency Authority, hel...
30th Mar 2022

Lebanese IP Office Current Operations

All the deadlines (Renewals, annuities, priorities) are now extended officially till 30 December 2022. For any further information please contact us at lebanon@baianatip....
21st Mar 2022

Yemen-Increase in the Official Publication Fees for all IP matters

The Ministry of Industry and Trade in Yemen (Sana’a) has issued the Ministerial Decision No. 28 of 2022 stipulates that the publication fees for all IP matters  have been...
15th Mar 2022

Change in Official Fees at EPO and GPTO

Please note that the official fees of both the European Patent Office and the German Patent and Trademark Office will increase soon. For this reason, it may make sense fo...
6th Mar 2022

Sudan-Legalized Requirement for POAs

The new registrar in the Trademarks Office is requesting that any POA should be legalized up to Sudanese consulate to be able to proceed with any procedure with the Trade...
Feb 2022
28th Feb 2022

Baianat Intellectual Property at PTMG Spring Conference @HOME

We are Attending the Spring Conference 2022 Time: March 21st and 22nd 2022. Representative: Shadya Awad - Patent Specialist Kindly contact us at:
27th Feb 2022

UAE – Local Newspaper’s Publication Waived

Previously, some procedures for trademarks required publication in two local newspapers. As per the new law reforms and starting from 27.02.2022, the publication in the l...